Wines with Protected Geographical Indication relished at the second edition of the oeno-gastronomic Festival “DeVin & DeGust”


Moldavian Wine lovers, city inhabitants, as well as guests from the west of the river Prut had the opportunity to enjoy the oeno-gastronomic dishes from regions that have a Protected Geographical Indication in Moldova, the well-known lane in Ungheni called “Aleea de Castani” (The Chestnut Alley). The spring air was filled with chestnut flower smell and there was music played by renowned bands both locally and nationally. The second edition of the DeVin & DeGust Festival took place on the 6thof May, on a Sunday, where 24 participants – vine and wine companies from the 4 regions with a Protected Geographical Indication from Moldova gathered together:

PGI Region „Codru”  – Castel MIMI, Chateau Vartely, Doina Vin, Agrici Wine, Wine International Project (Garling), Migdal – P, Mileștii Mici, Ever Vin, Maurt.

PGI Region „Ștefan Vodă” – Vinăria Purcari, Timbrus, Rădăcini.

PGI Region „Valul lui Traian” – Bostavan, Mold-Nord, Vinăria din Vale, Fautor, DK Intertrade.

PGI Region „Divin” – Bardar, Barza Albă.

Small Wine Producers’ Association: Dealul Morii, Mihai Sava, Equinox, Iurco Nicolae, Gogu Winery, Vinăria Nobilă.

The wine makers’ stands were visited by approximately 4,000 locals, guests and tourists from the other side of river Prut, who sampled the wines and bought approximately 2,000 bottles of wine. So that the Chestnuts Festival becomes better known, the City Hall of Ungheni offered to the public hundreds of bags filled with fried chestnuts. On the alley there were also handmade crafts for sale made by local skilled artisans.

Gheorghe Arpentin, director of the National Office for Vine and Wine: “The second edition of the Festival “DeVin & DeGust” was organized to promote, first of all, the high quality wines with Protected Geographical Indication. We are happy with the continuity of the event and its ampleness. In this edition we have proposed the healthy and appropriate matching between wines and traditional foods from this region. This was the theme of the festival. In addition, in the second edition, the Moldavian wine was associated with its partners from the region, for instance the City Hall of Ungheni. This partnership aims at extending the interest towards high-quality bottled wine to other regions. The Festival “DeVin & DeGust” is part of a long list of activities carried out by the National Office for Vine and Wine aiming to promote the conscious and moderate consumption of Moldavian wine.”

Alexandru Ambros, the major of the city Ungheni: “It is an older idea of ours, of people from Ungheni, to organize a special event in Ungheni dedicated to our famous “Aleea de Castani” (Chestnut Alley). And here we are, it is with this event that our wish has come true. People of Ungheni are very proud of their Chestnut Alley – it is one of the longest chestnut alleys in Europe. We wanted to organize a festival, an unusual one, a festival with a platform, an open air stage, where we can promote events of national extent. It is a grandiose event – the second edition of the “DeVin & DeGust” Festival, it is happening now and we are proud that it is held here.”

Petru Lițiu, the consule of Romania in Ungheni: “Ever since I was appointed as a diplomat in Republic of Moldova, I have strengthened my conviction that wine is part of my life, part of the culture and the traditions of this nation. This explains why Moldova has some of the largest wine galleries in the world, biggest collections of wine in the world – the gold collection that made an entry in the Book of Records. My message to all wine makers is the following: preserve the traditional quality of the Moldavian wines. In this way you will also preserve the respect that it earned and an outstanding sparkling blazon.”

Speranța State, student in Iași, Romania: “I was positively surprised to discover a different map of Moldova, a vine and wine map. I like the way it looks. I found out where quality wines are concentrated and thanks to this festival I was very pleased to find that there is a great emphasis on the quality of the products. Honestly, I didn’t know that we have four PGI regions in Moldova that are renowned at European level. This event could easily become a touristic attraction for us who visit Republic of Moldova. This way we learn more about the greatest treasure of our country.”

To popularize the correct consumption of high quality wines, the National Office for Vine and Wine (ONVV) has organized master-classes dedicated to those who visited. They learnt not only about the features of wines from different PGI regions, but also how to combine these with the local gastronomy through master-classes presented by ONVV experts and renowned chefs alike. On the stage were singers: the etno-folk band “Plăieșii”, Vasile Lupu, dance team “Unghenenii”, orchestra “Bravisimo”, accordion band from Ungheni – “Struguraș”, folk band “Țărăncuțele”, Veronica Lupu, Nicolae Paliț, Pasha Parfeni, Geta Burlacu and Petru Hăruță, the band “Etno Republic” and Dj Marcus Lawyer.

The event was organized in partnership with the City Hall of the city Ungheni part of the Chestnut Festival with the support of the Strategic Partner: The Project for Competitiveness in Moldova financed by USAID and the Government of Sweden.

The objective of the festival “DeVin & DeGust” was to highlight the oeno-gastronomic potential of the regions with a Protected Geographical Indication so that the brand awareness of Moldavian Wine and high quality wines with Protected Geographical Indication increases, as well as the culture of these regions. The event was organized by the National Office for Vine and Wine, The PGI Vine and Wine Associations “Codru”, “Ștefan Vodă”, “Valul lui Traian” and the Association of Brandy and Divin Producers.

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