Best practice exchange regarding vineyard mechanization in the country



On the 6th of July, the National Office of Vine and Wine in partnership with the ISP Inter SRL company organized a seminar aiming to familiarize wine companies with modern agricultural machinery and equipment that are used in sustaining the vineyards in the Republic of Moldova. Approximately 52 people from around 38 different companies have attended the seminar.

Foreign experts were invited from Italy (Maurizio Cordasco, export manager, GOLDONI company, Italy; Mirco Caliaro, sales manager, RICOSMA company, Italy) and Spain (Javier López, commerce director, Industrias David company, Spain). They presented the tractors and other agricultural vehicles offering their advice and helpful information to those who were present at the event.

Throughout the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the displayed agricultural machinery and equipment and even witness them in practice while operating in the vineyards. These pieces of technology are used to maintain the grapevine plantations and offer the possibility of extending the level of mechanization of work. Moreover, implementing such methods can improve the overall quality of the products as well as foster a greater level of efficiency in the grape and wine industry in Republic of Moldova.

In addition, the participants were instructed how to optimise costs in maintaining the grape plantations in Republic of Moldova. This can be achieved by using tractors with a lower fuel consumption, agricultural vehicles that are more efficient and various equipment that can boost productivity in growing and maintaining the plantation.

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