BIG BANG: a novel vernissage of modern art


Last night in Bucharest was held the “Big Bang” vernissage signed by the artist Hamid-Nicola Katrib where “Wine of Moldova. A legend alive” was a partner. The event took place in Bucharest and had over 200 guests from the world of art and business. It was an evening dedicated to art and wine where guests were offered the chance to taste the unforgettable Moldavian Wine.

The Romanian artist has shared his views regarding the modern art in an abandoned and forgotten urban setting. At the exhibition, 11 supra-realist oil paintings were displayed, while the star of the series was the installation entitled “The End”. “The End” is a fragile installation, composed of hundreds of glasses accomplished based on the artist’s imagination, 3 meters in height, mounted and built in a fragile stability, but nonetheless spectacular. The evening’s climax was reached by the “Big Bang”, the moment when the fragile installation has transformed into thousands of shards.

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