The first edition of the National Conference “The vine and wine year 2017”


In year 2017, the Republic of Moldova has reported the highest volume of wine production in the past 7 years, approximately 18 million decaliters, while 20 economical agents from the industry have had an income of 18.5 million lei from the investments in the equipment for grape processing.

The results, trends and innovation in the vine and wine sector from the past year, were presented today at the first edition of the National Conference “The vine and wine year 2017”, an event organised by the National Office of Vine and Wine (ONVV).

At the beginning of the conference, the director of the National Office for Vine and Wine, Gheorghe Arpentin spoke about the most important markets for wine distribution in our country, stating that the value of the exported wine has increased abroad.

“Moldavian wine is increasingly becoming a well-known product on the foreign markets, where its demand has increased. The volumes exported abroad has a positive trend, however the best achievement is the fact that we managed to improve the value of the wine exported abroad. The net price of wine has increased by 7.6% in 2017 compared to previous years. This means that the foreign markets are willing to pay more for high quality wine such as the Moldavian wine”, stated the director of the National Office for Vine and Wine. In addition, Gheorghe Arpentin emphasized the fact that 60% of the Moldavian wine has been exported to the member-states of EU and Asia.

Amongst the participants at the event the leader of the USAID Moldova mission, Karen Hillard, was also present, who pointed out that the Moldavian wines are exported in 63 countries all over the world and that their quality meets the international standard.

“Moldova is situated in the top European countries based on the number of medals that it holds in international wine contests. Over 380 gold, silver and bronze metals that prove the high quality of the Moldavian wine. I congratulate you on your efforts to maintain the quality. The future of Moldavian wine means quality that meets the international standard. In the past year, the European Union became the first target market for bottled wine, with an increase of the exported wine volumes of 15%. Moreover, the Moldavian wines are exported in over 63 countries of the world”, spoke the leader of the USAID Moldova mission, Karen Hillard.

Vasile Luca, state secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of Republic of Moldova presented the vine and wine policies at the event.

“The general objective is to update the vine and wine industry with modern enhancements, to improve the competition of the branch and to increase the export of wine and vine-based products. In this context, we are developing the legislation and norm basis of the field and harmonize it with the European Union legislation. Furthermore, we offer support to the wine and vine-based manufacturers via investment subvention in the sector. Throughout last year, around 20 economic agents that invested in the modern development of the vine and wine sector and bought grape processing equipment have benefited from subventions of a total value of 18.5 million lei”, stated the state secretary, Vasile Luca.

According to ONVV, the demand for bottled Moldavian wine has continued to improve in 2017. Thus, our country has exported 29% of bottled wine out of the total value of the exported wine.

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