Black Sea Region Wines & Spirits Contest 2018 and Expovin Moldova 2018


The specialized international exhibition EXPOVIN Moldova 2018 was held between 21stand 23rdof February in Chișinău. At the event were present the 4 Protected Geographical Indication associations, at a unified stand under the national brand: Wine of Moldova. There were 6 workshops organized to promote the wine and brandy.

A special event part of the EXPOVIN Moldova was a dedicated master class organized in partnership with the National Office for Vine and Wine, presented by the famous Master of Wine – Caroline Gilby, a highly regarded expert from Great Britain. Guests were able to sample 21 wines with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) from 18 distinct companies. The participants were manufacturers, representatives of state institutions, journalists and consumers.

The main event of the project was the BLACK SEA REGION WINES & SPIRITS CONTEST 2018. At the contest, samples of wine and other alcoholic beverages were marked by 22 tasters from 17 countries (France, Great Britain, Korea, Canada, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Czech Republic and Romania) and 23 from Moldova. As a result, 7 large gold medals, 58 gold medals and 66 silver medals were awarded.

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