Moldavian wines were awarded 37 gold medals at the international contest in Polonia


Moldavian wine has conquered the jury of the International Contest “Galicja Vitis” in Poland through its European quality. Under the national brand “Wine of Moldova”, 16 inland wine makers were united and were awarded with 37 gold medals – a record for the edition of this year’s contest.

“Poland is at this time the biggest importer of bottled Moldavian wine. Last year we entered the contest with around 50 samples, while at this edition, we basically doubled our presence and were happy by the fact that the jury was able to notice the uncontestable progress made in quality of Wine of Moldova”, stated Gheorghe Arpentin, the director of the National Office for Vine and Wine. The wines that entered the contest were assessed by a jury made of oenologists and sommeliers with extended experience, the highest rating being 100 points. From Republic of Moldova 16 wine makers presented 85 wine samples which were competing for 8 important prize categories.

Bostavan, Fautor, Basarabia-Lwin Invest, Albastrele Wines, Purcari, Vinaria din Vale, Salcuta, Migdal-P, Chateau Vartely, Alianta-Vin, Doina Vin, Castel Mimi, Vinaria Nobila, and Maurt have shared between themselves 35 medals (at least 86 points), while the producers Garling and Tomai brought the most important distinctions: „Champion Gold Medal” (90 points) and, respectively, „Grand Gold Medal” (92 points). Other 40 samples “Wine of Moldova” were awarded silver medals.

Wine makers from our country became detached leaders in the winners ranking after competing with more than 400 producers from 9 countries.

In 2017, Poland imported 7,467,896 bottles of wine from Republic of Moldova, an indicator that positions it on the first place worldwide. The value of the export puts Poland on the third place, after China and Romania, estimating 9,044,889 USD.

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