Mondial de Bruxelles: 26 medals for Moldavian wines


The 25thedition of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles took place from the 17thto 18thof May 2018 in the Haidian district, Beijing in China. This event brought Moldova 26 medals for its wines, out of which 5 were gold and 21 were silver.

This is the first time that a wine contest of such magnitude and meaning was held in Asia. At Mondial de Bruxelles 9,180 samples from 48 countries from around the globe were competing, while from Moldova alone, 85 samples were sent from the country’s 25 wineries.

The members of the jury were 330 people from 48 countries, recognized internationally for their ability to assess wine quality. They were strictly selected for this contest. Among them were engineers, oenologists, specialized writers, critics, buyers and international forwarders, journalists, researchers and industry organizations representatives.

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB) has reached its 25thanniversary, a jubilee. Its main objective is to offer the consumers a warranty: that they will be able to distinguish its uncontestable quality, offering a truly pleasant experience of tasting the wines from all around the world. The contest is organized every year in a different country to emphasize its international feature and to increase the exposure of the wines that were awarded.

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