New opportunities in the training and development of wine industry professionals



On Wednesday, the 27th of June 2018, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the National Office of Vine and Wine (NOVW) and Professional School of Leova (PSL) at PSL’s general staff meeting. Through this memorandum both sides committed to contributing towards the development and training of the young wine professionals, as well as educating them with the best practices in the field. Students will acquire valuable knowledge and develop skills through practical exercises meant to allow them to experiment with actual wine production using PSL’s agricultural lands.

Both parties reached an agreement and decided to establish a section of the agricultural land to serve for demonstration and experimenting purposes only. Consequently, 2.57 ha of Professional School of Leova’s agricultural land was dedicated to the experimental cultivation of 6 different grape varieties, using 4 plantation schemes (density of wine rows ranging from 2899 to 5435 vines/ha), 3 forms of vines (Guyot, Cordon de Royat, and Cazenave), 3 manners of loading the vines with grapes, soil management, biological viticulture, etc. Furthermore, the small-scale wine production department’s functionality will be ensured so that the oenology specialists can learn to operate the equipment.

At the end of the experiments, all the relevant findings will be pieced together and disseminated in the form of a brochure entitled:  The particularities of wine making through IGP/DOP in the Republic of Moldova environment.

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