Proper bottling of wines – an important step in ensuring the quality of Wine of Moldova



The National Office for Vine and Wine (ONVV) makes the necessary efforts to increase the quality of Wine of Moldova by offering more educational programs. Recently, the experts of the institution have organized a seminar dedicated to raising the quality of wines produced in the Republic of Moldova and bottling wines with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). At the seminar, the 86 participants from the 52 wineries in the country studied the good practices of the experts and made a guided tour in the production halls of “Asconi” Winery– host of the event.

Gheorghe Arpentin, director, National Office for Vine and Wine: “The increase in quality of our wines is one of the strategic priorities of ONVV and represents an important and continuous process in the development of the sector. This is why wine sector representatives receive support and training provided by experts in the programs organized by ONVV each year. These seminars are not only a platform that brings important informational support but also an exchange of good practices, where participants have the opportunity to share innovations, trends, legal issues or other topics in the field.”

Elizaveta Breahna, winemaking coordinating expert, National Office for Vine and Wine: “An important factor in the longevity of wine in the bottle is the final stage of the production cycle, namely the correct bottling of the wine. It is important to remove all critical points that influence the quality of the wine during the bottling stage: air and water sterility, the hygiene of the room, personnel and appliances in the bottling line chain, product protection with oxygen enrichment. Failure to do so leads to a decrease in the quality of the wine and a decrease in longevity in the bottle.”

Along with ONVV experts, good practices were also shared by experts of the companies in the field – “Purcari” Winery and “Asconi” Winery. The host of the event has organized a tour in the winery’s production halls for the participants, where the most important aspects influencing the quality of wine were discussed. During the same event, good practices were disseminated, which were accumulated by ONVV during two international study visits:

  • Rioja, Spain (11-16 November) – studying and implementing good practices for producing wine with a Protected Origin Designation. The Moldovan delegation consisted of 7 representatives of wine-growing regions with PGI.
  • Rhone, France, (25-30 November) – taking over the mechanisms for the promotion of wine products with Protected Geographical Indication. The Moldovan delegation consisted of 7 representatives of wine-growing regions with PGI.

The seminar ended with a tasting of wines from the harvest of 2018, offered by “Asconi” Winery and “Purcari” Winery, but also wines produced by ONVV under microvinification conditions, within the “Quality grapes” demonstration project.

About Wine of Moldova with 

Wine of Moldova is a quality product with unique characteristics, specific to the place of origin, terroir and local traditions. The high quality of the wine products in the Republic of Moldova is guaranteed by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and the Protected Origin Designation (POD) – signs which ensure the consumer that the product originates from a delimited wine-growing area, was obtained from certain varieties of grapes and produced according to strict rules.
Currently, the following wine-growing areas with Protected Geographical Indication are defined in Moldova: “Codru”, “Stefan Voda” and “Valul lui Traian”. In order to maintain a high quality of bottled wine, in 2015 the National Office for Vine and Wine started the implementation of the Specifications regarding the production of PGI and PDO Wine Products, which include the description of the entire production process: from planting vineyards to winemaking and bottling. And one year later, wines meeting the quality criteria were allowed to have on their labels the term “Protected Geographical Indication” in accordance with European Union standards and requirements. Thus, Wine of Moldova has become the first of the agri-food products in our country for which PGI and PDO quality labels apply.

The implementation of quality marks in the Republic of Moldova has been an important result of the harmonization of RM legislation in the wine sector with that of the European Union. These are similar to the concept of “Controlled Origin Designation” (COD) or “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” (AOC) of wine countries in the Old World.

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