Slow food. Wine. Life. – a combination of patrimony, culture, gastronomy, with French chefs’ participation


Three chefs from the Bordeaux region in France experienced the Moldavian traditional cuisine and shared their impressions with their colleagues from our country in the gastronomic exercise “Slow Food. Wine. Life.” that took place on the 19thto 21stof March in Chișinău.

On the first edition of the gastronomic dining, chefs offered an unprecedented demonstration, preparing a savoury menu using local produce to be complemented each with 2 different Moldavian wines – one selected by a local sommelier and another one proposed by the French chefs.

“You have all the ingredients necessary for changing your country into a unique touristic destination. During my trip in Moldova I discovered things that are extremely interesting for tourism, especially for vine and wine tourism. Indubitably, there are the wine, Moldavian villages, monasteries, architecture, meaning there is a great potential for tourism. It would be advisable that you follow the best practices, but these should be implemented in such way that the uniqueness and authenticity of the sites are preserved. The gastronomic dining “Slow food. Wine. Life.” promotes the French cuisine and offers a new way of reinventing the local cuisine as a sum of all customs and traditions. Dishes are simple, yet the most important thing is that they are prepared from 100% local produce in season. What the guests are having are only Moldavian products.”, stated the French cuisine expert, Jean Piere Xiradakis.

This gastronomical event was aiming at creatively combining the patrimony, culture and gastronomy claim the organizers.

“Slow food” was first coined by Italians in mid 80s as a natural response to the fast-food restaurant chains movement which had a detrimental effect on food tradition and the disappearance of interest in quality foods. The concept of “slow food” is thus a synonym of good, clean and correct nourishment, suggesting that the food tastes nice, is produced in a clean and sustainable manner, and made according to local custom and tradition.

The events were initiated by the National Office for Vine and Wine in collaboration with the Culinary College of France with the support of the strategic partner, the Project for Competitiveness in Moldova financed by USAID and the Government of Sweden.

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