Tasting premiere of wines with “ŞTEFAN VODĂ” PGI


The wine regions of the Republic of Moldova continue to develop their capacity to produce wines with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which reconfirms and guarantees the quality, authenticity and traceability of the products. In order to familiarize our country’s consumer with its best products, the “ŞTEFAN VODĂ” PGI region held for the first time a tasting of wines which carry the genuine terroir of the delimited area. The event was organized by the Association of Wine Producers with “ŞTEFAN VODĂ” PGI, with the support of the National Office for Vine and Wine (ONVV).

The participants in the event had the opportunity to discover the “ŞTEFAN VODĂ” PGI region, by watching the first dedicated informative video spot, learned about the region’s particularities from the ONVV experts and participated in the tasting of 5 excellent red wines produced in the region, guided by the sommelier Snejana Zacepa. The organizers aimed to promote the culture of correct and responsible wine consumption, to popularize wines with PGI produced in Moldova, to encourage the knowledge about Wine of Moldova and the appreciation of its high quality.

Gheorghe Arpentin, Director, National Office for Vine and Wine: “The development of PGI regions is a strategic priority for ONVV and for the wine sector for three main reasons: it contributes to rural employment, the added value created in the regions remains in those areas and, of course, increasing the quality of wine and the brand’s notoriety of the PGI region. ONVV promotes the Geographical Indication as a sign of quality, diversity and authenticity. After many efforts to harmonize the legislation, elaborate of specifications, create the associations and organize the production process according to the standards, in 2016 we obtained wines with PGI for the first time in Moldova. It is important to follow the market requirements and meet the demand – the consumers today don’t want anonymous wines, they are looking for wines that have a clear identity and origin, and PGI offers the perfect traceability and typicality that reveals the legend of the place of origin of each wine with personality. Thus, the PGI system allows regions not to compete, but to develop their own styles. Today we present the wines with “ŞTEFAN VODĂ” PGI and we can confirm the distinctive style of the region – elegant red wines with a special texture which, when you taste them, they take you imaginarily to the Lower Dniester Valley, into the biodiversity of the region. We are going to have more activities meant to reach the consumers, to help them understand this category of wines, which is new to our country.”

The emblematic wines for the region, which were offered for tasting to the participants, are: Sălcuţa Fetească Negră, Suvorov-Vin Cabernet Sauvignon, Purcari Winery Negru de Purcari, TIMBRUS De Autor Blend #2 and Radacini Reserve 15. All selected wines were dry red to best represent the potential and specificity of the ŞTEFAN VODA PGI region.

Leonora Obada, PGI specialist, National Office for Vine and Wine: “Wines produced in the ‘ŞTEFAN VODĂ’ PGI region are special wines because they have a unique historical background. The region has very old wine traditions because it hosts one of the first wineries founded in Moldova, Purcari Winery (1827) and has always been distinguished by a high level of development in winegrowing and winemaking. Here, new methods for obtaining quality wines were being implemented and developed, such as: the use of yeasts, separate processing of grapes from different slopes to make separate wines, conducting research to determine which varieties and under what conditions deliver better results. This region made us famous in the world with the coupage wines produced here, also earning prizes at international competitions, even in the 19th century. Now we are proud to see that 10% of the wines produced here are with PGI, which means excellent quality wines, subject to rigorous control, starting from planting and finishing with bottling and certification of wine. In the future, we aim to present the consumers other kinds of red wines, as well as white and rosé wines with ‘ŞTEFAN VODĂ’ PGI.”

About the “Stefan Voda” PGI Region

The “Ştefan Vodă” PGI region is one of the four wine-growing regions delimited for the production of wine products with PGI in the Republic of Moldova, which is located in the south-eastern part of the country and includes 4 administrative districts – Căuşeni, Ştefan Vodă, Cimislia and Basarabeasca. The Association of Wine Producers with “Ştefan Vodă” PGI was founded in 2011 and the “ŞTEFAN VODĂ” Geographical Indication was registered for protection at national level in 2012 and at European level – in 2016.

The association has 15 members, of which ONVV registered as grape/wine producers with “ŞTEFAN VODĂ” PGI the following companies: “Cimişlia” Agrofirma SA, “Bravo Wine” SRL, “Basarabia-Lwin Invest” SRL, Bogatmos “SRL,” Lion Gri “SRL,” Sălcuţa “SRL, IM “Vinăria Purcari” SRL,”Suvorov-Vin” SRL,”Clasicvinagro”SRL and “Domenii Sertus” SRL.

In order to produce wines with “ŞTEFAN VODĂ” PGI, ONVV has approved for exploitation about 1200 ha of vineyards, of which 60% are varieties of red grapes and 40% – white varieties.


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