The number of wine-making professionals in the country will increase over the next seven years


The National Office for Vine and Wine (ONVV) is actively involved in educating, specializing and increasing the number of wine-making professionals. On October 15, 2018, ONVV signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Center of Excellence in Viticulture and Winemaking in Chisinau (CEVVC) for a period of 7 years.

The agreement provides for the implementation of the ONVV “Struguri de calitate”/“Quality Grapes” project, aiming to disseminate good practices in viticulture, study the influence of climatic, pedological andthe grapevine care factors, whichdeterminethe characteristics of grapes and wines, as well as the agro-processes(assortment, density, the shape of the vine, grapevine load, etc.) used in the vineyardplantations.

According to the terms of the signed agreement, the parties will collaborate to systematize good practices in viticulture in the approximately 20 experimental-demonstrative lots (LEDs) monitored by the ONVV and will ensure the functionality of the micro-winemaking sections where the grapes on the LED will be vinified. At the same time, good practices will be disseminatedin the coming years regarding the establishment and exploitation of vineyards intended for the cultivation of wineproducts with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), as well as knowledge in the field of wine production technology.

As project leader, ONVV will provide financial support to CEVVC to create a new LED in Stăuceni, on an area of ​​2.1 hectares, on which three varieties of vine will be planted, alongside a small collection of varieties for wine and rootstock varieties. The allocated budget is 530 thousand lei, meaning over 60% of the necessary investments.

ONVV will also provide the necessary equipment to monitor the weather conditionsand the development of vinesdiseasesand pests, will supply the appropriate software to obtain good quality raw material grapes, needed to produce Moldovan wine products, competitive in price and quality. Moreover, in order to achieve this goal, ONVV will also provide a local consultant.

The project launched by ONVV and CEVVC will involve students and all employees of the department, thus ensuring a high degree of qualification of the teachers, as well as a higher level of knowledge of CEVVC graduates.

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