The wine sector, trained in organic and biodynamic viticulture



The National Office for Vine and Wine (ONVV) continues the training for wine sector specialists. On November 9, 2018, a seminar was held on “French Good Practices on Organic and Biodynamic Viticulture” intended for the representatives of the wine sector, including the teaching and scientific staff, to get familiar with the experience of one of the largest wine regions in the world, France.

The courses were held by French expert Christophe EHRHART, president of “BioDynamie Consulting”,a company specializing in organic viticulture expertise, associate and consultant at “Domaine Armand Hurst” – one of the most respected artisanal wineries in Turckheim.

The seminar took place in the context in which organic/biodynamic products are increasingly demanded, and large wine-producing countries opt for organic agriculture, which implies the minimum use of pesticides, a strict certification system throughout the entire technological chain and which has the main purpose of protecting the environment.

Vladimir COROBCA, lecturer, coordinating expert in DACCPV, ONVV: “For the production of organic grape varieties for regular wine or table wine, a strict certification system must be respected throughout the entire technological chain and over the years. It is also necessary to implement several technological and material elements: relatively resistant varieties, efficient agro-processes, fertilizers and acceptable level of pesticides etc. In recent years, organic/biodynamic wine products are increasingly demanded and are produced in increasing quantities. Currently, the organic product market is not completely covered. In Moldova, attempts are being made to produce organic wine products, but because of technological problems and lack of knowledge, there is no progress in this field. The implementation of good practices from France in our country will increase the efficiency of the wine sector.”

During the seminar, approximately 45 participants learned about the certification system for organic/biodynamic wine products, with the technological elements of establishing and exploiting of vineyards, including the acceptable quantity of pesticide and fertilizers that can be used in organic/biodynamic viticulture. At the end of the seminar, at least two small wine producers expressed their desire to move to the making of biological/ biodynamic wine products, therefore, they will attend some specialization courses in France during the next year.


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