“The Winter of Divine Revelations”. The Fifteenth Jubilee Edition of the Wine Vernissage has brought together a record number of visitors and winemakers

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A record number of about 2000 wine enthusiasts and wine professionals took part in the 15th edition of the Wine Vernissage, the traditional event celebrating the Wine of Moldova. Over 2600 glasses with the logo of the country wine brand have been provided for tasting over 250 red, white, rose and sparkling wines offered by the 66 winemakers gathered under the umbrella of the country brand “Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive” and for the 30 divins produced by the 12 wine companies present at the event. With the title “The Winter of Divine Revelations”, the 15th edition of the Wine Vernissage took place on the 14th of December in the Palace of the Republic, featuring the country’s most refined wines and, for the first time, the Divin – a liquor created for the gods.

Nicolae Ciubuc, Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment: “The Wine Vernissage strengthens the whole wine branch through the presence of dozens of producers who make a common front, united under the country brand ‘Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive’. The event is a platform where producers and consumers meet, exchange ideas, provide feedback. There is also an opportunity to review the wine results for 2018. It was a successful year in which the winemakers’ efforts were rewarded with about 500 prizes and medals that the Republic of Moldova obtained during the year at specialized competitions. Also, this year we managed to increase the volume of exports up to 134 million liters.”

Gheorghe Arpentin, director, National Office for Vine and Wine: “The Wine Vernissage is a very important event for the wine industry and especially for the consumer looking for quality. Thank you for choosing to come here today to discover the winter of divine revelations. It’s a special edition, an anniversary one, so we have the intention to offer you more discoveries and surprises that will change your perception of Wine of Moldova. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of our country, the essence of Moldova, embodied not only in wines, but also in the unique and carefully chosen divins. Awarded in the most important international competitions and present on the tables of consumers in at least 65 countries, here you learn to enjoy it correctly, but also moderately, in small quantities.”

The Wine Vernissage also includes a social responsibility side, and part of the proceeds from ticket sales was donated for charitable purposes. This year, the beneficiary of the gift was a violinist from Glodeni, Nancy Sandu, who gave a recital at the Wine Vernissage. Moreover, the two decorated fir trees that have completed the magical atmosphere of the event will be donated to Boarding house-Gymnasium nr.3 and to the Community House for children with special needs in Chisinau.

The fifteenth jubilee edition also marked a premiere, giving visitors the opportunity to evaluate their favorite wines and choose the winners of the traditional trophies of this edition through a digital platform. Following the number of votes, the trophies of the edition were awarded as follows: the prize “Vernissage in Red” was obtained by the “Negre” wine from the “Fautor” winery, “Efervescent Vernissage” was awarded to the “Cricova” winery for “Cricova Pinot Meunier” sparkling wine and the “Divine Vernissage” award went to the divin “Speranţa XO” from “Barza Alba” winery.

The jubilee edition of the Wine Vernissage is organized by the National Office for Vine and Wine. Institutional partner: Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, the Associations of producers of  wine products with PGI “Codru”, “Valul lui Traian”, “Stefan Voda”, “Divin”. Strategic Partners of the Event: The Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by USAID and the Government of Sweden.

About the Wine Vernissage

The Wine Vernissage is a select event, dedicated to the promotion of wine culture and the correct consumption of quality wine in the Republic of Moldova, under the aegis of the country brand “Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive”. The event was organized for the first time in 2011 and takes place traditionally twice a year, in spring and winter editions. The Wine Vernissage has the following objectives: stimulating the internal market of quality wines produced in Moldova, increasing the culture of consuming quality wine, as well as providing a platform for communication between winemakers and consumers where new products and consumer trends are being launched.

About the National Office for Vine and Wine

ONVV is No. 1 expert in the wine sector, which contributes to the regulation and development of the field, serving as a platform for the joint action of all those involved in increasing the competitiveness of wine products, the capitalization of authenticity and consumer orientation. Among its main objectives is the diversification of sales markets and promotion of Moldovan wines through the national program and the national wine brand “Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive”.

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