“Wine from the soul of Moldova”: over 60 wine producers will present the product of national pride within the 17th edition of the National Wine Day

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The National Wine Day (NWD) will be celebrated on October 6 and 7, 2018 in Chisinau. This year, a record number of 60 wine producers will come “from the soul of Moldova” to the Great National Assembly Square to present the product of national pride and the national traditions in winemaking. Entitled “Wine from the soul of Moldova”, the 17th edition of NWD will be dedicated to Moldovan wines with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) – a guarantee of their quality. The visitors of the event will be encouraged to get to know the Wine of Moldova and to enjoy it moderately and responsibly.

Gheorghe Arpentin, director, the National Office for Vine and Wine:Held for the fifth consecutive year under the country wine brand “Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive”, this year’s edition of the National Wine Day will highlight the wineries from the Protected Geographical Indication regions. The event will be attended by a record number of producers – 15 more than last year, which will offer the visitors tastings of wine with PGI, a sign of quality that encompasses the history, traditions, the art of vine growing and winemaking, while being a guarantee of the product’s authenticity. At the same time, the guests of the event will be able to enjoy an unusual artistic program.”

During two days of the event, the heart of the capital will host 60 winemakers offering for tasting Wine of Moldova, produced throughout the country. In the Great National Assembly Square, several areas will be set up, including the Craftsmen’s Area, with an exhibition of handicrafts, a Peasant Courtyard in the wine preparation process, with barrels, press, grapes, baskets and of course, with the hosts. Visitors who want to discover Wine of Moldova will be able to embark on themed tours starting from the heart of the capital to the origin of quality wines from all over the country. The traditional School of Wine will include a series of masterclasses guided by professional sommeliers who will initiate the participants in the secrets of conscious consumption of Moldovan Wine.

The event will be officially opened by the parade of the winemakers from all four Protected Geographical Indication areas, present at the National Wine Day, which will end with a huge “hora” traditional dance. Over the course of the two days, folk ensembles from many regions of the country will perform on stage, and the evenings will bring grand concerts with well-known performers and bands from the Republic of Moldova.

For the first time, the National Wine Day is expanding geographically and will be marked simultaneously inside and outside the country.

Liviu Volconovici, minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment:“National Wine Day is one of the most important national holidays in the Republic of Moldova and the most representative wine festival in the region. A celebration that each year gathers more and more domestic producers, sommeliers, consumers, guests from several countries. This celebration is becoming more and more popular abroad, so in 2018, for the first time, the National Wine Day will take place in Moldova and Romania at the same time. We want Moldova to be recognized as an important wine destination on the World Tourism Map, alongside the already established countries.”

On the first weekend of October (5-7 October), Wine of Moldova will be celebrated in the town of Snagov in Romania. Over 20 winemakers gathered under the country wine brand “Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive”will provide visitors tastings with hundreds of quality wines with Protected Geographical Indication. The artistic program of the event will be complemented by a concert of the famous bands from Moldova “Zdob si Zdub” and “Carla’s Dreams”. The events in Snagov will be broadcast live on several giant screens located in the Great National Assembly Square. Additionally, a special stand will be set up in the center of Chisinau for Romania – the guest country of this year’s National Wine Day. By tasting the best Romanian wines, visitors will be able to make an imaginary journey through the most important wine-growing areas across the Prut River.

Doina Nistor, director, Moldova Competitiveness Project, financed by USAID and the Swedish Government:“The National Wine Day is an event from the soul of the wine industry and of the whole country, which we want to promote as the largest festival dedicated to wine in Eastern Europe, to support exports and increase the number of tourists. The vast majority of wineries are beneficiaries of our project through quality programs, marketing support and development of wine tourism, as catalysts of economic growth in rural areas. We will celebrate for the 17th time the living legend of the national wine patrimony and will promote our country’s image on the export target markets and the local market.”

The National Wine Day is organized by the National Office for Vine and Wine, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, the Chisinau City Hall, the Associations of producers of wine products with PGI “Codru”, “Valul lui Traian”, “Stefan Voda” and “Divin”, with the support of the strategic partner of the event, Moldova Competitiveness Project financed by USAID and the Swedish Government.

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