Wine of Moldova – the guest of honor and the sensation of the gala organized by “Gault & Millau”, the famous culinary guide in Poland

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Wine of Moldova is reaching new heights and becoming an omnipresent product on European consumers’ tables. The fifth gala organized by the famous culinary guide “Gault & Millau” at the end of November in Poland included a gastronomic exercise where our country’s wine traditions were perfectly combined with international cuisine. The event was an important step in aligning the styles of local winemaking with European trends.

Moldova’s business card – Wine of Moldova – was the star of the evening, presenting the guests with details about the heritage, culture and traditions of the Republic of Moldova. Reunited under the umbrella of the country wine brand “Wine of Moldova. A legend alive”, eight Moldovan winemakers guided visitors in discovering the unique flavors and tastes characteristic of the product of national pride. The selection of Moldovan wines was provided by Tomasz Kolecki, Polish master sommelier and multiple participant in the final of the European Sommelier Championship, member of the Polish Sommelier Association. The 750 guests, including over 450 chefs from all over Poland, enjoyed a “Rădăcini Reserve Brut” sparkling wine, followed by “Fetească Neagră” (Vinăria din Vale), “Fetească Albă” (Asconi), Traminer Riesling” (Fautor), “Negru de Purcari” (Purcari), “Roșu de Bulboaca” (Castel Mimi), “Chardonnay” (Chateau Vartely), and an “Aroma” divin.

The “Gault & Millau” Gala, known as an elite gala in the world of gastronomy, took place in the spacious interior of Alber Expo in Gdansk, Poland. The guests of the event were greeted with a cup of sparkling wine, took part in culinary shows, where the chefs prepared original dishes that they combined correctly with Wine of Moldova, and the evening ended with a divin.

Gheorghe Arpentin, director, National Office for Vine and Wine: “A people can be known through its traditions, and we have rich wine-making traditions and exceptional wines. We were honored to have Wine of Moldova as the ‘special guest’ of this gala, considered a select event in the whole world, a sign of honor and great confidence, and we have demonstrated that we have the capacity to represent our country at the highest level and that we can rise to the standards of international tastes. Having a glass of Wine of Moldova, the guests had the opportunity to feel the uniqueness and authenticity of Moldovan products.”

About the “Gault & Millau” concept

For the first time “Gault & Millau” magazine was published in France in 1962, at the initiative of two passionate gastronomy journalists, Henri Gault and Christian Millau, as an independent guide to restaurants. The concept has spread vertiginously in 20 countries, to become a reference point in gastronomy on all continents. The experience of “Gault & Millau” in Poland and Hungary is a good indicator of the accelerated development of gourmet offer and the industry standards.

About the National Office for Vine and Wine

The National Office for Vine and Wine promotes quality wines, expression of terroir and local traditions, part of the gastronomic culture in Moldova, these being the central components of the country’s tourist product. Approximately 150 thousand people earn their revenues from the wine industry, and 30 tourists brought to the country generate at least one new job in the field. Data of the National Office for Vine and Wine shows that in 2017 Poland was the largest buyer of Moldovan wines, reaching 14% of total wine exports to this country.

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